3D Printing Advantage

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is increasing in popularity for prototyping and short run parts. Below are some of the advantages and benefits of using 3D Printing;

Quick Production of Parts and Prototypes
The old phrase; “time is money” fits 3D Printing like a glove when it comes to product development. Print prototypes in hours, obtain feedback, refine designs and repeat the cycles quickly until designs are perfect. This enables you to bring products to market before your competition does and at a lower cost.

Less waste
Manufacturing metal and plastic prototypes with traditional manufacturing methods is usually a wasteful process with chunky parts and a lot of surplus material. Making similar prototypes using 3D printing manufacturing not only uses less energy but also reduces waste to a minimum

New shapes and structures
Traditional manufacturing methods rely on molds and cutting technologies to produce a finite number of shapes and structures, with more complex hollow ones having to be created from several parts and assembled together. But 3D printing changes this altogether – the 3D printer’s nozzle can build an unlimited amount of complex figures, being limited only by human imagination.

 New combinations of materials
Mixing different raw materials is not always possible with traditional manufacturing methods due to the sometimes high costs involved and to their physical and chemical properties that make them difficult to combine. 3D printing has removed many of these boundaries.

Why 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping is Best for Your Product Design

Fast and effective communication of design ideas.

Effective validation of design fit, form, and function.

Greater design flexibility

The ability to run quickly through multiple design concepts and corrections.

Fewer production design flaws and better end-products.

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